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Communicate constantly

Throughout the whole building process, it is important to keep regular contact with your team of professionals. This allows you to be in control of what is going on, as well as keep track of the building process. Don’t be afraid to give out your opinion on how you think the building the process should go, besides, it is your house been built so you have a say as far as the construction is concerned.

Building a new home can be exciting especially when you understand the process. Here is what to expect during the major phases of construction;

1. Site preparation

This is the groundbreaking process in which the crew setting up the foundation handles the site preparation. This is not always the case especially if the land is covered with lots of trees. Generally, the process involves clearing the land using bulldozers and a backhoe so as to level the site. The crew then puts up wooden forms that act as templates for the foundation. Concrete is then poured into the holes and trenches of the foundation and then left to dry up.

2. Installation of the shell

The floor system, walls, and the roof are erected right after the inspection of the foundation components. The exterior walls, roof, and windows are sheathed using plywood and then covered with a housing barrier, to protect moisture from getting into the structure and at the same time allowing water vapor to escape. This reduces the risks of mold build up and wood root.

3. Plumbing and electricity installation

Once the roofing is done, electrical and plumbing contractors begin running wires and pipes the through the interior walls and ceiling. Sewer lines and vents are as well installed including a bathtub if there is any.

4. Install insulation

Insulation plays a vital role in making a home comfortable while improving energy efficiency in a home. Fiberglass is the most common insulation material used, however, depending on the climate of your region, other materials such as mineral wool can also be used. These materials are installed in the side walls, attics, floors and in the basement.

5. Interior and exterior finishes

Basically, this entails to the painting of the house both inside and outside. It is at this particular stage you can now compare your house plan design with the actual house itself and check whether all details are on point. Finally, a building inspector will then asses the quality of the house and issue a certificate of occupancy.

Avoid Shortcuts by all Means

Before you invest in real estate, they are a couple of steps that you need to take. Foremost you have to go and see the land since visiting the land is crucial. You will be able to identify the surroundings and if they meet your requirements. Secondly, you have to verify the documents, i.e. title deed that the seller is presenting to showcase that the land on sale is genuine. There are many opportunities to find lots for sale in Little Rock, AR if you look correctly. You also have to purchase a survey map from the land registry and not any other group to verify before going ahead to buy land. Also, it is advisable to do research. Look around and find out the prices of different properties in the same neighborhood. Comparing prices enables you to identify the range of worth in that area.

Factors to Consider


Location is a crucial factor to consider when buying land to build your home. If your lot is a fraction of a big real estate, it should be on the side that has a perfect view especially next to a highway. In case you are a parent who has children that are still at school, you should look for a land that has nearby schools. Build your home on a property that is near your working place so that you will have enough commuting time. For a retired person, search for an area that is close to amenities such as hospitals, fitness centers, and recreation facilities. Picture the kind of neighborhood you will have in ten years to come. For instance, if you buy a lot in a green rural area, your neighbors might think of stacks of hays which will be accompanied by shooting range. Locating a perfect land for home needs enough time for research to avoid regrets in the future.


Consider buying a real estate lot where you can access services at ease. It is an important factor especially in remote areas where the cost of municipal utilities is prohibitive. Find out how your home be will get power and the cost of the same. Know where the water source comes either from a company or from a well and the approximate bills of the same. It is essential to know which company can connect your gas, at what price and their competitors. Notably, you will need access to a shop or a supermarket where you can buy shopping. Consider a land where there is proper waste disposal and source information about the company that collects waste in the area. Phone and internet services are also key points to remember while finding a lot to buy. Find a place that has a proper internet connection at all times and any location in your home. Contact different companies that offer utilities in the area and for more inquiries ask the people around the area you are about to buy on how services are provided in that area.

Rights on Natural Resources

Depending on where you are planning to buy a real estate lot, there are particular rights that you may not be aware of since probably they are held by a third party. Some of those rights include water rights whereby if you buy land that has a river or a stream in it, doesn’t mean that you have full rights on the usage or access of the water. Timber rights and mineral rights go hand in hand, and in most cases, the third party will claim them. They have the right to come to your property and harvest what is theirs. Access rights denote that if you buy land that is surrounded by government property or a private entity, you may never be allowed to access your land. It is possible for you to buy land that you another way to access it rather than trespassing through others land.

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